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1 Apr 2015

The Rebel Spirit of the American South Lives On

Those dark days of prohibition may have faded into history, but the resourceful spirit of the American South lives on. And while the steely glow of the moon may no longer conceal sly stills, hidden barrels and the bootlegger’s ingenuity, Bearded Lady Moonshine will always stay true to her roots: strong, and full of character within. Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine is a 99% corn whiskey (1% malted barley) that is rested in ex Bearded Lady Bourbon barrels. The time in oak rounds out the
beautifully spiced un-aged whiskey distillate with subtle caramel and a hint of vanilla. What is surprising is the smoothness and roundness of flavour, making this suitable for classic cocktails and simple mixed drinks. It can also be enjoyed neat or on ice.

Featured cocktail: Peaches and Pears
45ml Bearded Lady
15ml VOK Peach
120ml Bickfords Cloudy Pear
15ml Lime Juice

Serve in mason jar with fresh ice and 3 lime wedges.