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1 Apr 2015

Lemon Ed

Meet Ed, Vok beverages’ latest offering which is making headlines and injecting new life into the alcoholic beverages market. A unique mash of up a light RTD and a cider, and just the right balance of acidity and sweetness, Lemon Ed is brewed to be the ultimate refreshment.

In 2008 Ed stumbled across his Grandma’s recipe for her Brewed Hard Lemonade. The details were sketchy, some would say half arsed, which was typical of Ed’s bloodline – if there was a shortcut then Ed’s family would take it.

Lemon Ed is made by winemakers using Queensland lemons, which are pressed and fermented until the appropriate flavour profile is achieved at Vok’s Step Rd winery in Langhorne Creek, South Australia. Lemon Ed has ripe, juicy lemon flavours nicely balanced acidity and sweetness.